Servicelink Valuation Solutions
Experience the Fastest, Most Accurate and Affordable Valuation and Risk Management Solutions Available to the Lending, Investment Banking and Servicing Communities

The industry's largest and most respected provider of collateral risk management and residential property valuation services, Servicelink Valuation Solutions combines an unparalleled commitment to meeting the needs of the mortgage Origination, Secondary Market and Servicing industries with a full spectrum of innovative, customized products and services, and a reputation for hands-on, client service that sets the standard for the industry. Offerings include Desktop and Field valuation and collateral risk management solutions.

For originators, Servicelink Valuation Solutions delivers independent, accurate valuations for use throughout the loan underwriting process. Servicelink Valuation Solutions facilitates all appraiser communications ensuring no undue influence of market value will be exerted on the appraiser.

Servicelink Valuation Solutions provides capital markets professionals with a suite of valuation due diligence solutions that protect against collateral overvaluation in existing portfolios and in potential new acquisitions.

Servicelink Valuation Solutions assists servicers throughout the servicing lifecycle with a combination of robust data and analytics that offer valuable market insight for portfolio monitoring and initial collections efforts, and more in-depth desktop and field valuations solutions that provide accurate property values for the loss mitigation, foreclosure and REO management processes.

Servicelink Valuation Solutions' spectrum of valuation solutions can be matched with your specific needs, regardless of whether your valuation strategy is driven by low cost, quick turnaround or in-depth analysis. Leveraging our suite of desktop and field valuation solutions, you can find the best valuation solution to generate a property value, assess the accuracy of a property value, or provide historical trends and data-driven analytics that give your company insight into projected future market conditions and property values.