Desktop Valuation™
Quick Opinion of Value From a Professional Review Appraiser

Servicelink Valuation Solutions newest innovative valuation product, the Desktop Valuation™, was developed to fill the gap between an AVM and a field valuation product. When an AVM doesn't do the job, and before expending time and money performing a BPO or full appraisal, the Desktop Valuation™ can provide a quick, accurate opinion of value. A principal advantage of the Desktop Valuation™ is the influence of a professional review appraiser in identifying the most relevant comparables.

The Desktop Valuation™ combines an analysis of local market sales and subject property information by a Valuation Solutions review appraiser, with input from the Servicelink Valuation Solutions rules-based valuation model.

Here is how it works:

  • An VS in-house review appraiser researches comparable market data from a variety of public data sources.
  • The three most comparable sales are selected and entered into the Desktop Valuation™ model.
  • The relevant data elements for each comparable are then processed through Servicelink Valuation Solutions exclusive Desktop Valuation™ rules-based valuation model. This automated process takes the data and ranks each comparable sale based on overall similarity to the subject, using industry-accepted methods.
  • Positive and negative adjustments are calculated for differences between the subject and the comparable sales; net/gross adjustment percentages and the final adjusted values are provided for a clear understanding of how the final value was derived.
  • The Desktop Valuation™ is designed for use in areas where property data is readily available. It is not intended for rural/remote locations lacking accurate property data.

Once the Desktop Valuation™ process is completed, the client receives a detailed one-page report presented in an easy-to-follow format consisting of:

  • The subject property description
  • A regional housing analysis, including population and housing demographics, median home values, median rents and per capita income
  • A comprehensive list of the most recent, comparable sales available in the subject's market area with pertinent characteristics for each
  • The comparable sale analysis, which displays the subject property and three of the most similar sales as determined by the Servicelink Valuation Solutions review appraiser.
  • A map of the area, complete with locations of the subject and comparable sales, providing at-a-glance reference on proximity
  • A three-year sales history for the subject property
  • A "Comments" section, which enables the review appraiser to provide an explanation pertaining to the subject property, neighborhood, comparables available or valuation analysis. These comments are included to provide the client with a better understanding of the valuation at hand.

By combining the expertise of a professional review appraiser and the efficiency and accuracy of an VS rules-based automated valuation model, the Desktop Valuation™ is an inexpensive alternative that picks up where a standard AVM leaves off.

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