PRO Value™
PRO Value™ - Collateral Risk Score

PRO Value™ is an exclusive product of Servicelink Valuation Solutions that combines the industry recognized PRO collateral risk score with a reviewer certified AVM value, all within one report.

In the PRO Value™ report the review appraiser performs two equally important functions; chooses an accurate AVM value estimate from a selection of 3-4 different AVMs, including an appraiser assisted model, and completes a PRO collateral risk analysis report.

In addition to identifying the risk level associated with a given appraisal, PRO Value™ goes a step further by providing a certified AVM value to better assist the client in their lending decision process. In most cases, the PRO collateral risk score will be supported by the AVM value estimate. However, in instances where the AVM value falls short of truly representing fair market value for the property, the review appraiser will provide an explanation of inconsistencies between the PRO collateral risk score and the AVM value estimate.

In rare instances, reliable data to produce an accurate AVM value estimate will not be available. In these cases, the client will only be charged the standard PRO product rate.

PRO Value™ is designed for utilization in any sector of residential lending, as a gap product between an automated statistical risk product, such as an AVM or Preview report, and any field valuation product. PRO Value™ is completed from a desktop perspective by a licensed review appraiser.

A list of comparable sales from the subject's market area and a map indicating the subject property and comparables location are provided as part of the PRO Value™ report. A five-year subject property sales history and pertinent neighborhood demographic data are also provided for additional information.

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