Servicelink Tie-Out Consulting Service - Value Reconciliation

The Servicelink Tie-Out value reconciliation service provides a comprehensive, file-specific, in-depth analysis of all underlying collateral valuations. Tie-Out is used to reconcile the most reasonable value when more than one valuation exists on the same property. Any combination or multiples of appraisals, 2055's, broker price opinions and AVM's with significant variances can be reconciled to determine the most reasonable value with the Servicelink Valuation Solutions Tie-Out service.

Mortgage banking, investment banking, or REO departments, who require an objective third-party value reconciliation of multiple valuation products, can count on the experienced professionals at Valuation Solutions. Value reconciliations are performed by Valuation Solutions veteran appraisers and include in-depth research and data verification utilizing VS proprietary databases and public real estate data sources.

Results of each analysis are provided in a concise easy-to-read summary report, with specific Tie-Out recommendations.

The Tie-Out consulting service is available nationwide as single or batch orders, both onsite or in-house. Typically, turnaround time for single orders is 4-6 hours. Turnaround time and pricing for batch orders, as well as pricing for single orders, are quoted. Servicelink Tie-Out value reconciliation is offered as a stand-alone service or in combination with other VS assessment services.

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